Trusting the God who Carries the Burden

The world's idols of self-worship are burdens that cannot save, but God is the only God who carries his people, and he will save them through the judgement of man-centred pride.
Isaiah 46:1-13 / Isaiah 47:1-15
22 Oct 2017
Geoff Jelley

Surprised by the God of History

Though we are often confused by his ways, God is the One who works through all of history to fulfill his promises and display his purposes in the world. We are to respond in faith even when it doesn't make sense, believe his Word, and look to him to be saved.
Isaiah 44:24-28, Isaiah 45:1-25
15 Oct 2017
Simon Murphy

Spiritual Revival for God's People

Distance from God is not his faithlessness to us, but our casual attitude to him. Nevertheless, he deals with our sins and pours out his Spirit upon us, that we might rejoice in him.
Isaiah 43:22-28, Isaiah 44:1-23
8 Oct 2017
Simon Murphy

The Redeemer Who Makes All Things New

God's redemption plan for this broken world involves his redeemed people testifying to the renewing power of his grace.
Isaiah 42:18-25, Isaiah 43:1-21
1 Oct 2017
Jacob Ng

A Salvation Better than a Change in Circumstances

In contrast to the futile idols of the nations that have no power, God is coming himself to bring true justice to the world through his humble Servant.
Isaiah 41:21-25, Isaiah 42:1-17
24 Sep 2017
Simon Murphy

Fear Not! Comfort in the Lord's Rule and Resolve

God continues to comfort his people by showing himself as the Sovereign Lord over all the earth, who ordains history, and who has chosen his people to display his glory to the nations.
Isaiah 41:1-20
17 Sep 2017
Simon Murphy

Comfort for God's People

God promises to come himself to revive his people and redeem them, for his glory. He urges us to believe his Word and rest in his promises.
Isaiah 40:1-31
10 Sep 2017
Simon Murphy