The Church that is Becoming like Jesus

God desires for each of us individually, as well as one corporate body to grow to mature Christlikeness, which happens as every part of the body speaks the truth in love to one another.
Ephesians 4:7-16
27 Aug 2017
Simon Murphy

The Church as the Family of God

As we forsake our old life for the sake of the gospel, we find that God provides a new family for us. The church is to be this family to those who God adds to us.
Mark 10:28-31
20 Aug 2017
Simon Murphy

The Call to Love Well

The gospel of God's love for us means we now relate to one another with the genuine, affectionate and honouring love of Christ.
Romans 12:9-10
13 Aug 2017
Jacob Ng

Jesus' Body, Our Bodies, and The Body

Because Jesus mercifully gave up his body for us to be saved, we now have been included in this body, and so use our physical bodies with humility to serve the body of Christ that we have been put into. This service is done with humility, and faith, in accordance with the gifts God has given us.
Romans 12:1-8
6 Aug 2017
Simon Murphy

Helping Each Other See That Jesus Is Better

God's people live as his family together to encourage one another towards active faith in the 'better-ness' of Jesus, so that our hearts aren't hardened by sin and we don't fall away.
Hebrews 3:1-19
30 Jul 2017
Simon Murphy

The Bread of Life

Prayer is the result of knowing deep in our hearts that we belong to God, believing in our Father to fulfil all his promises, and depending on him daily to meet all our needs.
Exodus 16:1-21
23 Jul 2017
Mark Tapping

Gemstones in Nehemiah's Prayer Life

God-centred prayers point us to God’s majesty and remind us of our need for his grace. They create hope in us and lead us to action.
Nehemiah 1
16 Jul 2017
Steve Murphy

God-Oriented, Grace-Driven Fasting

Fasting is a grace-driven spiritual discipline of seeking God for the reward of his all-satisfying presence and purpose in our lives.
Matthew 6:16-21
9 Jul 2017
Jacob Ng

Spirit Filled Prayer

The best and most powerful prayers and intercessions take place after we have meditated on God's truth and are praying that back to God. The experience of this is intensified when we do it corporately with other believers.
Acts 4:23-31
2 Jul 2017
Simon Murphy

Crying out to God from Darkness

Even in the darkest pit of suffering and pain in this broken world, God's faithful presence is always with us whether we feel it or not.
Psalm 88
27 Jun 2017
Jacob Ng