Same Sex Attraction, Identity and God's Good Word

God speaks His good Word to every human being in order to redefine, redeem and redirect our lives for His glory. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of this Word, and God's good news for us all.
Genesis 1-3 and Romans 1:18-27
5 Mar 2017
Simon Murphy

Sex, Marriage and God's Love for you in the Gospel

Marriage and sex can only be understood rightly as we understand God's created intent for them, and how they are affected by the main chapters of the bible. Marriage is given by God as a living witness to the eternal Marriage relationship that he enters into with his people, and sex is a fruitful signpost of the true reality of intimacy we are to enjoy with God.
Genesis 2:22-24, Ephesians 5:23-32, Revelation 21:1-4
26 Feb 2017
Simon Murphy

A Hero Worthy of the Name

The Christian life may be challenging at times, but we look to the example and achievement of Christ who will keep us running faithfully to the end.
Hebrews 12:2
19 Feb 2017
Andrew Haslam

An Honest Description of Two Destinations

Sin's natural outworking is death. In this passage, we see God's personal commitment to the vindication of his name and his glory amongst people, eradicating sin fully and finally. God will himself come (Isaiah 35:4) to do this work and sweep those who have faith in him into his coming Kingdom.
Isaiah 34-35
12 Feb 2017
Simon Murphy

Rest Through The Righteous King

God's rule is being established throughout the world. This rule is simultaneously over all nations as well as in the hearts of his people who are drawn back to him through their own troubles.
Isaiah 32-33
5 Feb 2017
Simon Murphy

Waiting on the God Who Waits

Even though God's people repeatedly turn away from him and head towards the path of destruction, God faithfully waits for them to turn back that he may be gracious to them.
Isaiah 30-31
29 Jan 2017
Jacob Ng

A Tale of Two Wisdoms

God, who desires his people's flourishing as they trust in him alone, speaks to them in increasingly attention grabbing ways in order that they might look to him and experience his salvation. This salvation is Christ the cornerstone.
Isaiah 28 & 29
22 Jan 2017
Simon Murphy

A Tale of Two Cities

In this world there are two cities, the 'lofty' city which is opposed to God in pride and the 'strong' city which is made by God and will last forever. God's people enter his city through His salvation and live waiting for and praising Him.
Isaiah 24-27
15 Jan 2017
Simon Murphy

People with Spiritual Vision

God is the sovereign of our universe. His power, influence and reach is unparalleled. He alone is responsible for the rise and fall of nations. As such, the Bible exhorts us to be people with spiritual vision, that is a people who recognises God’s majesty and glory and desires to live rightly before him. Those who live in rebellion of God will face his terrible judgment. But those who call upon Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will live and enjoy his innumerable blessings.
Isaiah 21-23
8 Jan 2017
Jeremy Lee

Whose kingdom are we trusting in?

In his judgment and salvation of the nations, God demonstrates his absolute sovereignty over all. God’s people are thus encouraged to trust wholly in Him, and not in the passing kingdoms of this world.
Isaiah 13-20
1 Jan 2017
Eugene Low